The FOR SOMEONE SPECIAL book was created to celebrate those very special, sunshiney people in our children's lives. The ones that make them smile, laugh and feel so very loved. Make one for Dad, for Grandma, for Nan + Pop, for a special friend etc etc! This book is filled with so much love that it truly would make the most special present for any occasion. It can be adapted for single or multiple children families and can be personalised for up to 2 special people (e.g. Grandma + Grandpa).

NOTE: The final inner page (red) can read "We/ I love you so very much x" for a loved one OR "Thank you for being you!" for those special friends.

HOW TO ORDER: 1. Add this book (and any others you may like) to your shopping cart and proceed through the checkout. 2. Wait to recieve 2 x emails from me to begin personalising your order! Please send back your personalised information ASAP.

Book Dimensions: 150 x 130mm. Page Count: 16 pages (8 spreads - 600gsm). Printed locally and handbound using non toxic glue. Adult supervision is recommended for children under 3 years old.

For Someone Special

    • General Personal Information About Your Child or Children and Their Special Person
    • 5 x Photos of Your Child or Children

    • 7 x Photos That Include Your Special Person/ People

    TIP: 7 photographs of your special person is ideal for the layout of this book but it's completely fine to add some more photos of your child/ children in this book if you don't have this many with your special person.