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why personalised board books?

Once my eldest turned one I was searching and searching for a personalised book to record his big first year. There were many 'fill in yourself' books out there and few personalised books that appealed more to older children but nothing that I thought was special and fun enough to mark this particular big moment of his life!

I felt like I had to create something to fill the gap. As a mother and a graphic designer I knew I could put my finger on what this book in my head needed to be. I wanted something different. Something fun and unique! I need to print it on board (!) was one of my immediate thoughts for production. I needed my son to be able to 'read' and play with this book, because essentially it was for him and all about him!

who is snags?

Snags (who sadly passed away in 2014) was our first dachshund. Snags can only been loving described as possibily the worst dog ever. He was the biggest sook, the biggest whinger and the biggest attention seeking dog I’ve ever known. Even though he was the worst, he was also the best in many ways as well. He had so much love to give and gave it every chance he could. His favourite times were spent by becoming a hot water bottle on your lap, with a big cuddle or a sloppy lick to your face. Miss you Snags x

Chilli is Snags younger sister, a black and tan true mini dachshund (with the same dachshund brattiness). I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of her on our social pages!